Equaliser Folding Wheelchair

• Height adjustable folding footrest with adjustable calf strap
• Push handles, padded backrest upholstery
• Adjustable seat tension
• Adjustable rear axle position for fine tuning of balance point
• Adjustable front castor angle
• Extensive range of frame colours in a durable powder-coated polyester finish
Optional Extras:
• Choice of height adjustable trolley-style or removable push handles
• Swing-away footrests with heel loops if required
• Stump supports
• Front wheel or one-arm drive capability
• Sleek, tapered lift-out footrest with calf strap that streamlines the shape and design
• Also available in Titanium


The Equaliser is a truly custom-made folding wheelchair. After carefully taking the precise measurements of our client, the craftsmen at Mobility Plus build the wheelchair from specialised high-tensile heat-treated aluminium alloy. Our exacting standards make the Equaliser one of the lightest folding wheelchairs on the market, with a starting weight from only 11kgs complete. There is a huge range of finish options, and other accessories to make the wheelchair individual and unique; and the frame is modular and multi-adjustable to suit all ages and disabilities. The Equaliser is the perfect flexible-use wheelchair.

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