Novis Premium 9 Alternating Mattress

The Premium 9 is a superior alternating pressure mattress replacement system designed to prevent and treat pressure injuries for patients at high to very high risk. Offering maximum comfort combined with maximum therapeutic benefit, this alternating surface offers an excellent healing surface for treatment of existing pressure wounds.



Key features
1 in 3 cell cycle for optimum healing environment, reduced sensation of movement and lower average support pressure (compared to 1 in 2 alternation)
cell in cell design enhances user safety and optimises comfort by increasing the clearance between inflating and deflating cells
independent heel zone for individualised therapy to vulnerable heel and lower leg area
hinged base for continuous pressure therapy when upright in bed
permanent internal side bolsters for increased patient safety, lateral stability and system effectiveness
visible and accessible CPR tag plus ‘D handle’ control unit connection for extra fast emergency deflation
vapour permeable, waterproof top cover with multi stretch fabric to minimise friction and reduce shear
maximum infection control including welded seams and full length waterfall skirt
static head cells to add stability and reduce sleep disturbance
fully adjustable digital control unit with eight comfort pressure settings; visible and audible alarm; timed transport and static functions for stable patient treatment

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