Tribike E

The first model of the Hybrid Triride Handbike, inspired and built on Zanardi Handbike Technology.


Compact and easy to handle the Tribke E has power assist to aid with pedaling. With a 250 W Hub Engine, adjustable racing pedals and handles the Tribike E is a great experience for novice and experienced riders.
Weighing only 9Kg and power assist for a range of up to 65km the Tribike E is available in a various colours and has a range of optional accessories.

A non-powered Tribike is also available here.

250W Hub Engine
Stainless steel and aluminium frame
Racing pedals and handles
Adjustable pedal position
Pedal assisted sensor PAS
20” wheel with integrated motor
Seven-speed gearbox
36 V Lithium-ion battery
Electronics by Triride
Electrical assistance start / climb
Double disc brake
LCD Display with 5 assistance level
Max speed with motor assistance 25 Km/h
65Km autonomy (Assist.1)

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