iD Expert Fix – Mesh Pants

Elasticated mesh pants for use with disposable continence pads.


Suitable for male and females, the iD Expert Fix mesh pants range, assures the continence aid is held closely against the body, ensuring optimum performance of the pad. By incorporating soft fibres and double elastic Lycra with thigh seams, the product structure guarantees optimal anti-leakage security, and allows more freedom for movement while also minimising the risk of skin irritation.

Available Sizes
iD Code                Description         Size         Waist             Colour

5410100050       Comfort Super    S              40-80 cm      Yellow
5410200050       Comfort Super   M             60-100 cm    Blue
5410300050       Comfort Super   L              80-120 cm    Brown
5410400050       Comfort Super   XL           100-160 cm  Green
5410500050       Comfort Super   XXL         140-180 cm  Orange
5410600030       Comfort Super   XXXL      180-195 cm  Grey
5420100050       With Legs            S               50-75 cm      Yellow
5420200050       With Legs           M              70-90 cm      Blue
5420300050       With Legs           L              85-110cm       Brown
5420400050       With Legs           XL           105-130 cm    Green
5420500050       With Legs           XXL         115-140 cm    Orange
5400200250       Ultra                    M              80-120 cm     Blue
5400300250       Ultra                    L               100-130 cm    Brown
5400400250       Ultra                    XL            120-150 cm    Green
5400500250       Ultra                    XXL         140-175 cm     Yellow

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