The Aquatec Orca bath lift is an electric bath chair that lowers and lifts the user in and out of the bath, reducing the strain on the user and preventing the risk of falls.


The stable, robust frame with reinforced scissors and base plate ensure the user’s absolute stability and safety. The Orca bath lift has a superior backrest recline of up to 40° and lowers down into the bath tub to aid in washing and rinsing, enhancing the user’s bathing experience. Patented, self-release suction cups: can be easily removed.The bath hoist is lowered and raised using a hand held control that is buoyant should it be dropped in water. The hoist is powered by a rechargeable battery which is charged after each use. There is a power back up mechanism, allowing the seat to be raised when the battery is low.The Orca bath lift is particularly versatile and can be disassembled into two parts for ease of storage, infrequent use or travel.
Maintenance free actuator, powerful and quiet
High backrest with contoured neckrest, can be positioned and folded with just one hand
Backrest can be reclined up to 40°
The ergonomic, floating hand control fits securely in the hand and is easy to grasp
Removable and machine-washable covers
Optimised base plate – significantly more space in the bathtub

ELECTRIC CONTROLS are handheld on an extendable cord by the user or attendant. A hook attachment on the control unit allows the controls to be hung on the battery attachment on the backrest.
POWER SOURCE is through a battery that is found at the back of the chair. A red light shows when the battery power is low.
BATTERY RECHARGING is achieved by disconnecting the battery from the bath hoist and inserting the battery into the charging terminal.
DISMANTLING/FOLDING the hoist is possible by folding the backrest down and unlocking the seat from the base.
SAFETY FEATURE is an emergency stop button on the hand held controls.
Weight Overall 12.5 kg
Load Capacity (supplier stated) 135 kg
Height of Backrest 665 mm
Length of Base 580 mm
Width of Base 285 mm
Angle of Backrest 90 degrees – 140 degrees
Height of Seat Front 60 mm – 420 mm
Width of Backrest 360 mm
Depth of Seat 490 mm

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