iD Pants Fit & Feel – Pull Up

Disposable pull up pants for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence.


D Pants Fit & Feel assure perfect protection and a discreet and natural fit thanks to their ultra soft texture and anatomical shape. These products combine comfort and discretion due to their elasticated waist and cotton-feel backsheet. Perfect for male and female use, you can continue enjoying life with confidence and security!

Available Sizes
iD Code                 Description       Size          Waist                     Droplet Scale       Colour

5521255120          Normal               M             80-110cm                      6                     Blue
5521355100         Normal                L              100-135cm                    6                     Blue
5521265120         Plus                      M             80-110cm                      6.5                  Blue
5521365100         Plus                      L              100-135cm                    6.5                  Blue

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