Elite Folding/Rigid Wheelchair

Folding, fixed or lift-out backrest
• Fixed or adjustable camber tube
• Padded back upholstery with adjustable tension
• Adjustable seat tension
• Footrest with adjustable height, depth and angle
• Tough powder-coated polyester finish in many different colours
• A huge range of options and accessories so the wheelchair can be customised for each individual
• Available in titanium
• One-arm drive available


The Elite is the pinnacle of development in rigid-frame aluminium alloy wheelchairs. We at Mobility Plus use only the finest of materials to hand-craft the lightest possible all-welded frame that has no peer in strength and manoeuverability. We take great care to record the exact personal measurements of the individual who will be using the wheelchair and build the wheelchair to those exact specifications. There are no moving parts on the Elite all-welded frame, so superior durability is in-built.
The Elite is a high tensile, heat treated aluminium frame which has a solid and stable feel from the first use, and for many years to come. It is the supreme custom built individual wheelchair.

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